XBOX ONE vs. PS4: Who won the battle?

The great debate of our time, it could be a destroyer of friendships or a sponsor of new. This is what makes boys out of...

Google Chromecast review

This is an interesting little device that should be high on your gadget gifts list as it effectively connects your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop...

Camera Keywords Explained

Have you always been fascinated by photography but found the whole thing to be a little too daunting? Have you always been “clicking an auto”...

NFC Demystified: Just a matter of touch?

First of all, NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a technology for wireless transfer of data between two devices. If that sounds a...

How To's

encryptionXOR thumb

How to: Create your own File Encryption Application

Everyone has secrets, Those who don’t still want some things to stay hidden. Most of you would have already used software that are capable to lock your files and after that can only be accessible... Read More »


How to: Automate things online with IFTTT

If you’re not familiar, IFTTT is a service that allows you to connect other services together to perform automated actions. It stands for “if this then that” and revolves around only this statement. It is completely free... Read More »


How to: Install Windows on Mac via Boot Camp

A Mac is built for compatibility, supporting all industry standards; Mac OS X is almost fully compatible to windows. For those for whom even this isn’t enough, there is Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a... Read More »


How to check if two PCs are connected in a network

So you are trying to establish a network between two computers and you have no idea whether they are setup correctly. To check if the connection is able to send and receive data, windows have... Read More »

removable drive

How to: Add custom icon on Removable Drive

Did You Notice, whenever you insert a game CD/DVD, an icon is used over the drive. By default windows will put a simple Disk image over it. Game developers and software designers generally use their... Read More »


Tricky VLC Media player features you were ignoring until now

VLC is a free open source media player developed by VideoLAN. For quite some time now it has been the most popular media player across all platforms. Despite a minimalistic and frankly, dull GUI, VLC... Read More »


How to: Create folder that no one can access not even you

These type of folders generally known as Private folders. To make Private folder which nobody can open, delete, see properties, rename we need to modify its permission for system. This can either done by going... Read More »


Howto: Create a File of whatever size you want in Windows

You can create a file of any size using nothing more than what’s supplied with Windows. There comes a time in every developers life where they need a data file for testing purposes and there are... Read More »

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uTorrent Remote: Control torrent remotely

uTorrent is a pretty popular BitTorrent client for computers. With the remote app, you can...

Some new features for Google Maps

Google recently unveiled a huge makeover to its Google Maps. Currently available in beta mode,...Read More »

Top 5 Apps: Supports All Platforms

Each coming day more and more new applications are being developed for the different operating...Read More »

Android: Easiest way to type in Hindi with Google

Have you ever wanted to send a text message to someone in Hindi but was...Read More »

Android : The best music player out there

This music player unlocks a whole new world for mobile audiophiles, including a 10 band...Read More »

7 Apps that every traveler should have

Here are some apps to get you started and on  the way to getting extra...Read More »

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Useful and Impressive Cloud Services

Are you lazy enough to download software just to convert a pdf file to word...

Technology Gadgets Made Out of LEGO Bricks

Technology is all about creating advancements in any subject.  The fact that people can create...Read More »

Learn to use YouTube like never before

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, is the single most popular video collection on the internet...Read More »

Firefox Gecko Engine: What’s behind your browser?

It is widely acknowledged that the rendering engine is the most critical in the experience...Read More »

Adware and Spyware – What are they ?

What if you bought a music CD and every five minutes a voice came on...Read More »

Brief : Why you should concern about security ?

Adware can bring down your PC, a virus can mass-mail annoying contents to all the...Read More »

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