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Guide: Choosing A Good Domain Name, Things to Keep in Mind

Choosing a domain name for your site is one of the most important steps towards creating the perfect internet presence. If you run an on-line business, picking a name that will be marketable and achieve success in search engine placement… Read More »
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Howto: Create a File of whatever size you want in Windows

You can create a file of any size using nothing more than what’s supplied with Windows. There comes a time in every developers life where they need a data file for testing purposes and there are none handy. Rather than… Read More »
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Explained: What “DirectX” really is, How it works

Ever wondered just what that enigmatic name means? Gaming and multimedia applications are some of the most satisfying programs you can get for your PC, but getting them to run properly isn’t always as easy as it could be. First,… Read More »
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How to: Hide your data in a Audio Song

Introduction Due to the way different file types are read it is possible to have a single file that acts differently depending on how it is read. For example sounds & images are read from the header down whereas ZIP… Read More »
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Story of How Computer Viruses Evolved

Like any other field in computer science, viruses have evolved a great deal indeed over the years. In the series of press releases which start today, we will look at the origins and evolution of malicious code since it first… Read More »
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How To: Edit default location for installing Apps permanently

Fed up of changing the location of directory where your game or application should be installed? Then this solution is for you, as the size of hard drives increase, more people are using partitions to separate and store groups of… Read More »
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What is Bandwidth? How Much Bandwidth Is Enough?

This is well written explanation about bandwidth, hopefully you will find it useful. BandWidth Explained Most hosting companies offer a variety of bandwidth options in their plans. So exactly what is bandwidth as it relates to web hosting? Put simply,… Read More »
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Intel Tech101: Wireless Technology

Learn what and how does wireless work, different frequencies 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz and how it can help connect devices around us. This video explains the basics about wireless technology. Direct Link:… Read More »
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