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Top 5 Apps: Supports All Platforms

Each coming day more and more new applications are being developed for the different operating systems and the designers make sure that they are compatible with the different operating systems or in other words they are cross operating system functions.… Read More »
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Tips: Installing Freeware Wisely

Though one cannot be 100 per cent safe, there are some simple rules one can follow while installing freeware, or any software for that matter, to ensure that spyware applications do not install themselves on your computer. ❍ Download software… Read More »
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YotaPhone : Dual Screen Android

On the left, a regular Android 4.1 display. On the right, a power-saving e-ink screen. (Credit: James Martin/CNET) To borrow from a popular meme, the Russians are doing it right as far as the YotaPhone is concerned. It’s a dual-display… Read More »
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Bug Powered Smartphone, Really !

How many praying mantises does it take to power a smartphone? Snapdragon presents a video of bug circus, trying to produce enough electricity to charge up a smartphone, that’s kinda cool isn’t it ? Prepare to be amazed.… Read More »
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Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote

Doctor Who fans, you simply have to get this gizmo. Non Doctor Who nerds, this will appeal to you as well. Resembling the fabled Sonic Screwdriver from the cult british show (or a mysterious glowing probe), this programmable universal infrared… Read More »
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