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Water Car Technology: The new way for better mileage

Climate change has received global attention due to the dangers it poses not only on future generation, but also on current generation. Global warming has been discussed and solution being sort at regional and international level. It is the subject… Read More »
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Firefox Gecko Engine: What’s behind your browser?

It is widely acknowledged that the rendering engine is the most critical in the experience provided by a web browser. If you have been watching the development scene closely, you would have definitely heard about the current buzzword on the… Read More »
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Beta Inkless Pen : Write without ink

Imagine getting your hands on a pen or pencil that doesn’t rely on timber, ink or graphite and is therefore more eco-sensitive than any pencil you’ve ever used? Well, that’s exactly what the Beta Inkless Pen is. It has a… Read More »
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Does your machine behaving weird these days?

Keep in mind that a combination of symptoms is much more likely proof that you’re infected: rarely does a virus have just one effect. That said, here’s a checklist of what to look out for before you press the almighty… Read More »
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How to: Add custom icon on Removable Drive

Did You Notice, whenever you insert a game CD/DVD, an icon is used over the drive. By default windows will put a simple Disk image over it. Game developers and software designers generally use their company logo to show off… Read More »
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Some new features for Google Maps

Google recently unveiled a huge makeover to its Google Maps. Currently available in beta mode, it lets you discover changes in its interface and improved accessibilities. However, the search results in this version remain more or less the same as… Read More »
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Camera Keywords Explained

Have you always been fascinated by photography but found the whole thing to be a little too daunting? Have you always been “clicking an auto” but want to learn the finer details of functions? Well, worry not as we’re going… Read More »
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