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Top 10 Gadgets you should consider checking out
In the size of a Zipo lighter and in an outer spaced "enterprise" style, it uses a laser beam to generate a full-size perfectly OPERATING laser keyboard that smoothly connects to your mobile devices.
High capacity 9000mAh emergency power supply that fits in your pocket and works with your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, mobile phones, and many other devices!
Are you one of those people, who will diligently put an alarm, and then when it rings, snooze it off ? Invest in this alarm clock which has wheels and the moment your hand goes near the snooze button, it will roll away, leaving you with no option other than to get up.
Dyson Air Multiplier™ fans are safe and easy to clean, with no fast-spinning blades chopping the air. Air is basically sucked into the base of the fan and then forced around inside of the ring and shot out to one side of the ring.
It let's you take your media library on the go and stream it wirelessly to your iPad,Android Devices and smart phones. It weighs just under 10 ounces and last about 7 hours of battery life.
The JBL OnBeat docking station features dual Phoenix full-range transducers with computer-optimized DSP equalization for a richly detailed soundstage, an IR remote puts you in full control of system functions and music navigation from across the room, and it even keeps your devices charged when docked.
With its darkfield technology, this lazer mice works on any surface, even glass. Power button conserves battery life; runs off a single AA battery. This new technology lets you connect a single USB plug to six compatible Unifying family mice and keyboards.
This cool USB gadget with door design which can keep your beverage chilled and stay at your computer for longer time. It can hold a can of your favourite beverage with no extra batteries, at a constant temperature of 8.5 degrees. Now, you can carry a fridge to anywhere!!
There's now no need to crack open your laptop or walk around waving your PDA to find out if there's a WiFi signal in the vicinity as this stylish T-shirt displays the current WiFi signal strength in your surroundings to everyone around you. Glowing bars on the front dynamically change as the WiFi signal strength fluctuates.
Neodymium magnets which can be used to create 3D models or magnetic sphere building toys. A greate gift for creatively inclined friends and also a wonderful stressbuster.
  • 1 Virtual Laser Keyboard
  • 2 9000mAh Batter Backup
  • 3 Clocky Chrome
  • 4 Dyson Air Multiplier
  • 5 Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage
  • 6 JBL On-Beat dock
  • 7 Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX
  • 8 USB Mini Fridge
  • 9 WiDi Detector T Shirt
  • 10 Neocube Jumbo(buckyballs!)

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