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Technology Gadgets Made Out of LEGO Bricks

lego-ball-thumb Technology is all about creating advancements in any subject.  The fact that people can create these devices out of LEGO parts is even more amazing.  This means that this popular building toy is being used as a real-world modeling tool.… Read More »

Water Car Technology: The new way for better mileage

water-car-fuel Climate change has received global attention due to the dangers it poses not only on future generation, but also on current generation. Global warming has been discussed and solution being sort at regional and international level. It is the subject… Read More »

Does your machine behaving weird these days?

sick pc Keep in mind that a combination of symptoms is much more likely proof that you’re infected: rarely does a virus have just one effect. That said, here’s a checklist of what to look out for before you press the almighty… Read More »

Camera Keywords Explained

Have you always been fascinated by photography but found the whole thing to be a little too daunting? Have you always been “clicking an auto” but want to learn the finer details of functions? Well, worry not as we’re going… Read More »

NFC Demystified: Just a matter of touch?

NFC First of all, NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a technology for wireless transfer of data between two devices. If that sounds a lot like BlueTooth or WiFi, that is because it is a similar. NFC has its… Read More »

Tips: Installing Freeware Wisely

freeware-wisely-install Though one cannot be 100 per cent safe, there are some simple rules one can follow while installing freeware, or any software for that matter, to ensure that spyware applications do not install themselves on your computer. ❍ Download software… Read More »

Why is Ubuntu popular ? Who can’t use it ?

ubuntu-logo Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system with its origins in South Africa. Its name means “humanity towards others”. Back in 2004, Linux was already established as a server operating system, but free software was not yet a part of everyday… Read More »

Fed up with ads everywhere ? Learn how to get rid of them

fake-iphone-ad If you wanna remove those nasty ads from the pages which waste lot of time and bandwidth then here is something for you I believe will help you a lot.  This is done without using any software. How it works… Read More »

The Google Quiz: Are you a Google expert ?

The Google Do you know everything about the company and its services? Or are you still new to the topic, and you only used their search engine for a couple of times so far? Well, you can put your knowledge to the… Read More »

Science behind Linux boot sequence

Linux Identifying each stage of the boot process is invaluable in fixing boot problems and understanding the system as a whole. To start, zero in on the boot loader, which is the initial screen or prompt you get after the computer… Read More »