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How to: Create your own File Encryption Application

Everyone has secrets, Those who don’t still want some things to stay hidden. Most of you would have already used software that are capable to lock your files and after that can only be accessible with a password (like WinRar).… Read More »
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Victorinox Presentation Master : Swiss Army Knife

This is one Swiss Army Knife and USB drive combo that is perfect for James Bond. However, if you aren’t the famed MI6 agent, but a salesman who travels a lot and cares an awful lot about your data’s security,… Read More »
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How to Encrypt Your Pen Drive

Encrytion on Various Platforms Encrytion on Windows There are a variety of Windows-based tools for creating an encrypted volume on a USB stick, but our favorite is the free, open-source FreeOTFE. FreeOTFE uses on-the-fly encryption, which means that data is… Read More »
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