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How to: Install Windows on Mac via Boot Camp

A Mac is built for compatibility, supporting all industry standards; Mac OS X is almost fully compatible to windows. For those for whom even this isn’t enough, there is Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a utility included in Mac OS… Read More »
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How to check if two PCs are connected in a network

So you are trying to establish a network between two computers and you have no idea whether they are setup correctly. To check if the connection is able to send and receive data, windows have a inbuilt service through which… Read More »
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How To: Edit default location for installing Apps permanently

Fed up of changing the location of directory where your game or application should be installed? Then this solution is for you, as the size of hard drives increase, more people are using partitions to separate and store groups of… Read More »
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Howto : Use USB Drive as a Hardware key for computer

Windows has an inbuilt system utility called SysKey that can help you use a normal pen drive as an access device instead of a regular text based password. To do this First step is to assign A: as your removable… Read More »
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How to Restrict Hard Drives in Windows 7 for User Accounts

You can restrict access to a hard drive in Windows 7 for other user accounts in the same computer. This is useful if you have files on a hard drive that you do not want anyone else to access. Only… Read More »
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How to change permissions in Windows 7

If you are a Windows 7 user, then you are most likely to be aware of the fact that you need to TAKE OWNERSHIP of files and folders before you can make any changes to them. This feature was introduced… Read More »
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How to Change the Logon Screen of Windows 7

How would you like to change the logon screen background in Windows 7 so as to give your Windows a customized look and feel? With a small tweak it is possible to customize the Windows 7 logon screen and set… Read More »
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Windows 8 Release Preview

It’s Windows reimagined and reinvented from a solid core of Windows 7 speed and reliability. It’s an all-new touch interface. And it’s easy to try now—whether you’re installing it for the first time, or moving from Windows 8 Consumer Preview.… Read More »
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How to Access Shared Folders of Windows 7 and Stream Videos on Android over wifi

Want to play videos from your computer on your Android, without the hassle of copying them to your device’s internal storage? Share a folder over the network with Windows. You can copy files back and forth over Wi-Fi, too.  … Read More »
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How to Export/Backup Windows Registry

The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores configuration settings and options on Microsoft Windows operating systems. It contains settings for low-level  operating system components as well as the applications running on the platform: the kernel, device drivers, services,… Read More »
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