Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote

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Radio Times Review

There's a sound Doctor Who fans will make when they first pick up the new Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver universal remote control- halfway between an "Ooh!" of pleasure and an "Ah!" of revelation. The heft in hand; the smooth grip of bakelite handle; the solidity of metal frame: this is quality replica. If it...

Engadget Review

Ever wished you too could make use of the awesome powers that lie within Matt Smith's Mark VII : Sonic Screwdriver ? The Wand Company have you covered if an IR-packing replica universal remote sounds good enough.

CNET Review

The sci-fi magic happens when you use the remote's gesture-based command system... You'll certainly feel like an advanced alien with two hearts and a strong British accent when you wield your mighty sonic screwdriver to turn up the volume on BBC America.

Mashable Review

I found the sonic screwdriver remote control to be a genius pairing of fictional item with real product. It's clear the creators took great care to emulate the screwdriver in the show, and it has a great metallic build.

SlashGear Review

If you're a fan of Doctor Who, be prepared to be greatly impressed.

Ubergizmo Review

If you are looking for a fancy remote control which you can use to control your TV or any infrared-based device in your house, you're in luck because nothing gets fancier than this.


Doctor Who fans, you simply have to get this gizmo. Non Doctor Who nerds, this will appeal to you as well. Resembling the fabled Sonic Screwdriver from the cult british show (or a mysterious glowing probe), this programmable universal infrared remote lets you interact with any TV with gestures. With 13 supported gestures and 3 memory control codes. Enough to control most Earth-based “low-tech” consumer devices, we reckon.

The sonic screwdriver is a fictional tool in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who and its spinoffs. It is a multifunctional tool used by The Doctor. Its most common function is that of a lock pick, but can be used to perform other operations such as performing medical scans, remotely controlling other devices and tracking alien life. It can, with the exception of a deadlock seal or wooden lock, open any type of lock and operate many computers, whether their origin is alien or human. Though all this was only limited up to TV but still you can show off your über cool Screwdriver as a Universal Remote.

Here is sneak peek of how the original Sonic Screwdriver work :

Compatible with almost all home entertainment equipments, such as iPod docks, TVs and Blu-ray players.

  • Guided Setup: teaches you how to use it with spoken prompts.
  • FX Mode: thirteen authentic special effects sounds from the universe of Doctor Who.
  • Bright illuminating tip: lights up in use and pulses when in standby.
  • Advanced gestures recognition technology: thirteen gestures multiplied by three memory banks means up to 39 remote control codes can be stored.
  • Hand polished: copper plated, high quality, die-cast metal construction.
  • Special features: Personal Lock Code facility and secret communication to discover.

It is packed with advanced electronics that help make it the most realistic Sonic Screwdriver ever built.


Electromagnetic emission: The sonic Screwdriver gets its classic green glowing tip courtesy of a hyper-bright green LED. however, as the tip in this also has to emit the infrared pulse of a remote control, a multi-wavelength solution is needed. The result is a custom manufactured, three-chip 5mm LED: one IR indium gallium nitride chip and two green gallium arsenide chip, encapsulated in a single transparent epoxy lens.

Motion Sensing technology: at the heart of this, a tiny state of the art three-axis accelerometer constantly measures the forces acting on the device so that the embedded microcontroller can determine if the Sonic Screwdriver is being moved. The silicon MEMS sensor is so sensitive that it can detect and measure 1000th of the force gravity. The accelerometer is fabricated from single-crystal silicon by deep reaction ion etching (DRIE) process and protected from the environment by a hermetically sealed cap at the water level.

One more thing is this gizmo comes complete with its own protective and attractive display case Fabricated from engineering grade ABS, the tough, crystal clear cover fits snugly over an analogue of the TARDIS console. The stand is decorated with authentic Gallifreyan script and provides the perfect containment, mounting and presentation for a Sonic Screwdriver of this quality.

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